1. For all Cash on Delivery orders ‘IF’ we are unable to reach you on call then we may not process order or may cancel the order. We reserve the right to cancel any cash on delivery order on which we are unable to establish phone contact. It may be because your phone is not answered, the phone is off or even if it’s a signal issue at the customer end. Call logs beyond a few days are not possible for us to maintain. So we will only be able to share call records if a customer check backs with us within two days of our call.
  2. We generally keep a rule of 20% advance on some orders and we reserve the right to enforce 20% advance payment in any situation we deem necessary. This advance payment is at the discretion of the company.
  3. If a customer doesn’t make payment for her order after it’s stitched then we reserve the right to NOT process her future order or any order, which comes from the same house.
  4. Colour on screens and actual color you receive may seem a bit different. This can be due to following reasons
  5. Screen: colour looks different on different devices and brands such as android, iPhone, MacBook, hp etc
  6. lighting: most of our shoots are done in natural sunlight during morning hours. The colour does look different in natural sunlight compared to indoor light. Colour in indoor light varies according to intensity of light and type of light i.e. white, yellow etc. We try our best to give the accurate colour of dress to the best of our capability but the colour we see is directly dependent on the type and intensity of light & direction at time of shoot. In case of any colour dispute, you can send the parcel back to us and we will view the parcel in natural sunlight and then get back to you.
  7. All our clothes are made to order and made as per customer specification. We generally give expected delivery time on website. Our parcels are usually dispatched two to three days before that. However, the time taken by courier agency is not in our control. Sometimes an item may be finished and reprint of embroidery or sourcing of fabric may cause delay. In case of delay, the company will inform the customer about the delay in product and then customer reserves the right to keep order or cancel it.
  8. Washing of Clothes: general advice is to wash dark colours separately from whites and light